Refuge from the Storm (2012)

A fearless spiritual awakening.

Parental Warning: Thematic content not suitable for children.
Dove Seal: Faith Based. Read the review below.

A true life story of the complete deliverance from life’s battles. Linda (Kristin Quintrall) the daughter of a wealthy family is left broken by spiritual forces beyond her control.  While working at a night club, Linda meets Steve (Michael Madsen) an inspiring writer, who is in search for the meaning of life, gets pulled into a world of drugs and spiritual darkness propogated by Katrine (Jane Santos), the nightclub owner. A fearless attitude she conquers the darkness in her own life and unknowingly changes the course of many lives along the way. A fearless spiritual awakening that shows the goodness of God in a dark and perverse world.

Despre filmecrestine

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